Kim takes to Twitter after Khloé’s frightening car crash


Between fatal traffic collisions, hacking scandals and online feuding, there's no doubt it's been a hugely dramatic time for the Kardashians in recent weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier following recent reports which have emerged from the States.

Much-love Khloé was involved in a car accident yesterday morning after the 30-year-old star skidded on black ice and lost control of her vehicle in rural Montana.

The incident occurred after a passing truck covered Khloé's windscreen in snow, causing the reality TV star to swerve and veer off the road. Her reaction unfortunately meant the car hit a patch of black ice and the vehicle, which was also carrying Khloé's sister Kim, ended up in a ditch.

Thankfully, police have reported that no one was injured during the frightening incident, saying: "They simple fell victim to the poor road conditions." 

While Montana Highway Patrol Captain Mark Wilfore told USA Today that "there was nothing out of the ordinary", the occupants of the vehicle were understandably shaken with Kim taking to Twitter to express her gratitude that everyone emerged from the incident unharmed.

It is uncertain as to whether Kim's toddler daughter North was one of the three occupants in the ill-fated black GMC Yukon.

Hopefully things will start looking up for the world-famous family soon!