She said WHAT?! Things get out of hand on Twitter for Khloé


Yesterday, Amber Rose’s radio interview hit headlines after she blasted the Kardashian clan. It didn’t take long for Khloé to defend her family on Twitter and since then all hell has broken loose…

It would seem that Amber, however, is done and took things to an entirely new level when she hinted that O.J. Simpson is Khloé’s real dad, tweeting: “U think because ur dad was a professional football player that got away with murder ur better than me girl? Haaaaannnn?”

Woah. Woah. Did she just go there?! 

The model has now wiped her hands clean of the feud, later tweeting: “I’m done dragging this bit**. Lesson of the day children please don’t try Muva cuz I will humble you.”

Kim and Kylie, who were put on blast by Amber in the first place, have remained quiet on the entire situation, letting Khloé handle things. 

Amber also shared a (rather hilarious) meme of Kanye speaking to the Kardashian/Jenner girls at his wedding to Kim last May with the caption: “She’s from South Philly Y’all might not want this problem.”


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We think that may be spot on…can Kim and her sisters handle Kanye’s ex?! Somehow we think things are far from over just yet!