Kris Jenner has become the latest hacking victim – and it’s so bad


The recent iCloud hack left stars and their fans in equal measures of shock, particularly after the horrific ordeal poor Jennifer Lawrence was forced to endure, which is why Kris Jenner must be pretty petrified right now.

According to reports this weekend, Kris has become the latest hacking victim, with the momager claiming that a video of her naked has been stolen.

While the details have yet to be revealed in an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, entertainment site TMZ reports that as well as someone hacking into Kris’ iCloud, CCTV footage of her naked inside her own home was also taken.

In an even more shocking twist, Kris is also allegedly claiming that the perpetrator is now looking for a hefty pay-out as part of a deal not to leak the footage.

Kris is now said to have filed a criminal complaint with the LA County Sheriff’s Department, so hopefully this will all be sorted out.

Of course, the Kardashians are no strangers to nudity and sex tape scandals, with Kim’s now infamous sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J coming back to haunt her again this week.

This must be terrifying for Kris. We hope there’s a positive outcome for her.