Khloé Kardashian responds to criticism of THAT ‘a hole’ tweet


A few hours after Kim Kardashian decided to break the internet (for the umpteenth time) last night, her younger sister, Khloé, added to the drama by taking aim at one of the industry's most respected young actresses right now.

After appearing to suggest that the Swift/ West feud was inconsequential in the grand scheme of things (How dare she?!) Chloe Moretz felt the sharp end of Khloé's humour when she was confronted with an image of a young woman which Khloé suggested was the Kick-Ass actress.

Understandably stunned that Khloé would hit back in such a harsh way, Twitter users and celebrities took it upon themselves to call the reality star out on her retort.

Branded a bully by many, Khloé took to Twitter this afternoon to fight her corner and justify her earlier post, writing: "I’m the last person to bully but have an animal instinct to protect and defend my family."

"Refrain from commenting on my family and OUR business (and I will do the same)," she tweeted before adding: "Now I hope everyone has a magical Monday! May peace be with you all."

Unfortunately for Khloé, social media users were having none of her defence, and wasted no time highlighting the inconsistencies of her argument.

"Your family is in the limelight, people comment on your day to day life. Don't be so public with it and people won't comment," advised one.

"Anyone can comment when all your families business is public," added another while someone else remarked: "So you post a girl's ass crack to defend your family?"

"Your family makes their life public, people are gonna say stuff but they also shouldn't get butthurt," argued another.