Kardashian sisters praise Kylie for keeping pregnancy a secret

We all speculated for months whether or not Kylie was pregnant. 

The rumours were ripe but despite the 21-year-old being out and about, the press couldn't get that money shot that proved Kylie was expecting.

Those sassy skills has seriously impressed some of her family members. 

Kim and Khloe praised Kylie in a clip from this Sunday's all-new Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

"The funnest game ever is the Kylie pregnancy game," Kim begins. "Why?" Khloe chimes in. "Just to see what people think," Kim says.

"There were pictures of her out on TMZ and she looked so skinny," added Kim.

Kylie was able to keep her pregnancy private thanks to her unreal family, striking some incredible angles for photos, and of course, smart fashion choices. 

"Your pregnancy has been the best kept secret of our generation," Kim confessed to Kylie.


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However, Kylie kept it real and said her reasoning behind keeping Stormi under the radar was for herself – get it gurl.

"Like, I'm not trying to keep a secret, I'm doing this for myself," Kylie retorted.

"Your friends deserve awards," Kim added, "Cause seriously, now you know you have some real ones 'cause that never would've happened in my day."

Kim makes a valid point, Kylie's friends did stick by her, when most people would have sold her out. – There's a lot to be said for real friends.