Jay-Z had the best reaction when a photographer admired Beyoncé


Just in case any guys out there were thinking about cracking onto Beyoncé, you might want to wait until Jay-Z is out of earshot!

A hilarious new video clip has emerged in which the music mogul very clearly cements his reputation as the protective husband, after one photographer got a little too friendly with the Drunk In Love singer!

It all kicked off when the couple touched down in London, heading to the Kapoor studios for yet another private tour.

It seems as though the awaiting paparazzi just couldn’t get enough of Beyoncé’s new bangs and pretty printed two-piece, with one calling out: “You look fabulous, Beyoncé!”

If he thought Jay-Z was going to keep quiet while another man complimented his wife, he had another thing coming!

Watch his epic response in the video below, at about 0:55.