‘It was so long ago’ Katherine Heigl responds to Seth Rogen’s remarks


When Katherine Heigl slammed the movie she starred in alongside Seth Rogen in 2007, the Canadian actor admitted he felt fairly taken aback by the star's take on their time filming together.

Speaking to Howard Stern at the beginning of the week, Seth explained that he had fond memories of filming Knocked Up with Katherine, and was surprised that the Grey's Anatomy star didn't feel the same.

And yet despite the less-than-subtle hammering Katherine gave Seth and filmmaker Judd Apatow in the press following the movie's release almost a decade ago, Seth wished Katherine the best this week.

And it looks like Seth's kind words had an effect on the star who has been known to call out her co-workers over the course of her professional career.

Reflecting on Seth's chat with Howard on Monday, Katherine said: "I think he's handled it so beautifully. I feel nothing but love and respect."

While attending the 2016 Television Critics Association Summer Tour Party on Wednesday, Katherine acknowledged that she never doubted the pair's mutual respect, and was keen to riciprocate.

"It was so long ago, and I just wish him so much goodness. I felt that from him, too," she told the press.

Aw, you guys!