‘Your trust feels betrayed’ Seth on THOSE Katherine Heigl remarks


It's no secret that Katherine Heigl was far from impressed with Knocked Up – a movie which she starred in alongside Seth Rogen – when it eventually hit cinema screens in 2007.

In the year following the comedy's release, the Grey's Anatomy star slammed the apparent gender divide created by the film's producers.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Katherine insisted the film portrayed "women as shrews, as humourless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys."

And it sounds like her co-star, Seth, was not only stunned by the actress's take on the comedy, but also couldn't help but take many of her comments quite personally.

Speaking on Howard Stern's radio show this week, Seth echoed the thoughts of millions of movie fans.

"I thought we had a great dynamic, people seemed to like it, we were funny together," Seth recalled. "I was having a really good time, and then when I heard afterwards that she didn’t like it…your trust feels somewhat betrayed."

Surprised that the actress didn't speak up during filming, Seth added: " We have a very open process. We’re like, 'You have the ability to say anything at any moment. I don’t like how I’m coming across here."

Katherine, who is known for speaking out against directors and producers she has worked with over the course of her career, experienced professional backlash as a result of her comments – something which Seth feels regret over.

"I respect the fact that maybe that perhaps she realises it has hurt her career. And I don’t want that to have happened to her at all," he told Howard.

Insistent that Katherine, who played Alison in the movie, had every right to voice her opinion before, during and after production, Seth admitted he felt it was unfair her career may have suffered as a result.

"Especially if she is being honest, the only people who, in this situation, should in any way take anything from it is me and Judd," he argued. "Because we are the ones she was talking about. For other people to not work with her because she didn’t like her experience with us is crazy."

We've said it before and we'll say it again, that Seth is a stand-up lad.