Irish clinic posts important reminder about getting lip fillers


Getting lip fillers has become a front-and-centre kind thing in the media, thanks to celebs like Kylie Jenner and Megan Barton Hanson being vocal about using them.

While there are zillions of clinics and aestheticians that can safely give you a fuller pout, there are just as many places that will put yourself at massive risk.

And no-one wants that.

Irish clinic Consultant Clinic, which also has clinics in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, and London, has taken to social media to blast people choosing non-medics to get lip fillers – and the results are scary. 


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They uploaded snaps of the treatment-gone-wrong (which should be avoided for if you're in ANY way squeamish) and told teh story of a woman who wanted to get her lips done for a wedding but went to a beautician to get them, in a non-clinical home setting.

They wrote, '' We post for public interest and your safety and information – to make you aware of exactly what risks you're taking by choosing a non medic as your injector. The beautician, couldn't have done a better job of an intravascular injection if she had tried, and blocked off her arterial supply, by injecting a huge blob of filler into the vessel, starving it of oxygen and life.''

The horrifying story continued, ''The lips became ischaemic, and were agony. The tissue of her lip rapidly died and rotted on her face, and yes you can see correctly – actually FELL OFF.''

The Clinic does say that this can happen with even highly trained practitioners but the fact that the doctor didn't recognising ischaemia and necrosis is dangerous. 


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The post continued, ''Is this a risk you really want to take with your face, the essence of your identity and self-esteem? Thank you so much to the lovely @dr.alaa_aref for allowing us to use her images, and for helping to raise awareness.''

People were horrified by this tale and took to the comments to say so. 

One said, ''This is terrible! Frustrating to see such poor injecting, poor understanding of anatomy and poor management (or non existent rather) of a serious complication! We need some serious regulation in this industry!''

While another wrote, ''This is so, so heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what she’s feeling now. I really hope there’s a way out through surgery and that the practitioner gets held accountable for this.''

Take this as a major warning – if you're going for this type of procedure research you will be messing wth your face BEFORE you have it done because the alterative is so not worth it.