How to mend a broken friendship


Having a fight with your best friend can be really hard for you both.

Whether it was yesterday or last year, if you still want to keep that friendship there are some things you can do.

You’ll be back to watching America’s Next Top Model in onesies eating cereal from the box together in no time!

1. Forgive and forget
There is no point in attempting to heal a friendship if you are still angry and resentful. If you accept the apology, you need to mean it. Make sure you actually want this friendship before you go ahead.

2. Apologise
If you are in the wrong, apologise.

3. Break the ice
Don’t bombard her by appearing on her doorstep, she might still be mad. Instead, choose a form of communication she can get back to you when she is ready. Email, text, Facebook message etc.

4. Start slow
If the fight was particularly nasty with one side hurt, take things slow. Go for a coffee once a week and try not to address the situation if it has already been resolved. Don’t drag it out more than needs be.

5. Give her space
This might be hard to accept but perhaps she has decided she doesn’t want to be your friend anymore. You need to respect any decision she makes as if it were your own.