Frankenfood: Sushi sandwiches are here, and they look totally delish

The avocado pizza, the cronut, the carrot latte and the unicorn anythingdominated the 2017 frankenfood trend charts. 

In 2018, we saw the Eggs Benedict Doughnut, the crossushi and salted watermelon. 

Now, 2019 is kicking off with an East-meets-West food combo of two classics. 


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Introducing the sushi sandwich – and while the term, may sound like a frankenfood to us, it's actually been eaten in Japan for centuries, but known by it's Japanese name Onigirazu,

However, the version M&S have released this week have some traditionally Western fillings, such as bacon. 

There are two options to try; Soy & Ginger Chicken Sushi Sandwich with a delicious tonkatsu style dressing and Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Sushi Sandwich; a western classic with the Japanese twist of yuzu and spicy chilli dressing.


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M&S Sandwich Developer, Helen Brennan says: ‘The nations love of sushi sees no signs of slowing down. We really wanted to offer customers even more delicious sushi options with something that no one else on the high street is doing.'

'The sushi sandwich is fantastic for sushi lovers, and those just starting on their sushi journey as the flavours are so accessible.' 

Honestly, it sounds delish. The sandwiches are €6.20, and are now available in M&S.