Follow Friday: Why this cleaning Instagram has its own ‘army’

Move over beauty bloggers, there's a new gal in town. – and she's changing the Instagram landscape.

Mrs Hinch has one of the fastest growing pages on the social network site and it's not hard to see why.

On the first snoop, you might see a SPOTLESS home, but as you dig deeper into the page, you find the real reason for its popularity.


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Her Instagram stories are bursting with her cleaning regimes. – She takes a space and shows the process step by step, so you too can recreate a flawless living space.

Her 331K followers have now started to call themselves the 'Hinch Army' and use #HinchArmy to show off their results, thanks to Mrs Hinch's tips.

The woman behind the sparking floors and immaculate worktops is Sophie HinchCliffe from Essex in the UK. 


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The 28-year-old hairdresser explained how her Instagram is so much more than just cleaning. – and the reason we suspect that people are flocking to follow. 

"I'm a worrier and I struggle with anxiety. For me, to keep my mind off of what was worrying me would be to clean and organise something and love the end result," she said to Essex Live.

"It helps me control my panic attacks too. Since I've started the account others have messaged me saying I've changed their lives and helped them with their mental health which to me is simply amazing."

"I get thousands of messages each day like this." – Unreal, a tidy space helps to calm the ole noggin.


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If you want some top cleaning tips to get your space looking mighty fine, or if you're struggling with anxiety, this page could be a real relief. 

Either way, we've got serious house envy as her interior are ultimate goals.

Now, we are off to invest in a cleaning basket ~ happy cleaning.


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