Fixed? X Factor bosses tweeted about Louisa’s win three DAYS ago

This year's X Factor has been dogged by controversy, from countless technical glitches to allegations the show is in fact fixed.

With record company boss Simon Cowell at its helm, it's no surprise that the show has been accused of fixing votes on various occasions.

Some angry viewers have accused Simon's label Syco of using the show as a way to promote new, secretly signed acts for free, rather than running The X Factor as a genuine talent show.

And a certain social media glitch last night didn't do much to rectify the situation. Shortly after Louisa's win, a tweet was posted to her personal profile, referring to her as the "X Factor winner" and giving fans a download link to her single.

The only problem? The tweet's timestamp showed that it was originally written on December 11, and most likely scheduled in via Tweetdeck two whole days before the final.

Seems a bit optimistic of the X Factor bosses to be calling Louisa their "winner" when voting hadn't even begun. Whoever monitors Louisa's Twitter page has since deleted the message, but not before it was screengrabbed by some eagle-eyed readers.

Of course, a similar tweet could have been written for the show's other finalists and deleted when they didn't win – but it's still a messy mistake.

While it might seem presumptuous for ITV to assume Louisa would win, one look at the voting stats for this series shows that she was the clear leader the whole way through.

In fact, according to the official figures, there were only two weeks out of seven when she wasn't top of the leaderboard.