Cringe alert! Sunday’s X Factor had yet ANOTHER massive mistake

This year the X Factor has apparently been feeling the pressure.  Viewers had a field days on Sunday when a slip-up on behalf of presenter Olly Murs caused havoc.

Fans were less than pleased when it seemed he ignored Harry Styles following their performance on the results show. To be fair, Olly simply could have been under pressure for time. So, while it was very awkward to watch, it was nothing in comparison to the real X Factor snafu, which happened just a few minutes later.

Before this week's results were announced, the tension for the elimination was being built up with the show’s trademark dramatic music and tense pauses.

During one of these another error managed to make it our screens.

The graphic should have read whose, not who’s. 

TV critic Ian Hyland spotted the mistake and quickly shared it with his Twitter followers.

Oh dear… And to round things off with a nice hat trick, it seemed like Olly's presenting jitters got the better of him yet again with a final error.

After the sing-off between Anton Stephans and Monica Michael, the judges took the vote to deadlock.

Rather than announcing the results of the public vote, Olly went ahead and informed Monica she would be going home- before the envelope supposedly containing the name of the losing contestant had even made it on stage.

Not the best week for the show, then.