Embarrassing things you do when you totally fancy a guy

Yes, some of this is creepy, but we just can’t help ourselves. Deal.

1. Flick through ALL of their Facebook photos
No matter how far they go back, you always check them all, possibly even more than once .


2. Constantly check when they were last on Facebook/Whatsapp
We know we shouldn’t..but we do.

LaptopClose-GIF3. Check what they’ve ‘Liked’ on Facebook
Well, we need to know if they’re going to be compatible with us or not, don’t we?!


 4. Pretend songs you hear on the radio are about you and your crush
If only you could ACTUALLY sing…


5. Have imaginary conversations with them in your head
We’re not proud of it, but it happens from time to time.


6. Always thinking of a way to start a conversation
But never actually doing it.


7. Pretend they’re in the bed beside you when you sleep
And in our dreams, they really are. Okay fine, it’s weird, we’ll stop.


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