Eight things every couple argues about!

All couples will argue. We guarantee it. It’s a fact of life. Your friend/colleague/sister might look like she has the perfect relationship, but you’re only seeing things from the outside.

As long as you’re not at each other’s throats every moment of the day, don’t worry. A little bit of arguing is healthy – and making up isn’t too bad either!

Here are nine things you and your partner have definitely had a spat about at one point or another, just like every other couple on earth!

1. Whose turn it is to do the crappiest chores
“Well, I just went to Tesco to buy milk so you can take out the bins, okay?” Those are NOT the same thing! Certain chores are definitely less desirable than others – namely anything to do with bins, smelly laundry or gone-off food.

2. Hogging the bed/duvet
This argument usually happens about 3am and you probably won't even remember it in the morning. It starts with angry grumblings from one of you, along with a sharp yank of the duvet back to the “right” side of the bed. MINE!

3. What to watch on Netflix
Having hundreds of films to choose from might seem like a good thing but it’s actually the devil’s work. Aside from picking a film, there’s the added stress of finding the comfiest couch position, deciding what to eat and of course poking your partner in the arm anytime he looks like he’s falling asleep.

4. Having your phone out at inappropriate times
There’s nothing more romantic than sitting in silence at a restaurant while your other half scrolls through Facebook on their phone. “Just two more minutes, I need to finish this WhatsApp group chat about training tomorrow night.” Great, so you should be finished in time for dessert?

5. Flirty Facebook comments
“Why did you write ‘Great picture!’ on her photo? What does that mean? Are you two friends or something?” We all get a little jealous and irrational from time to time and social media can make things even worse. There’s no way around this one except for a little understanding from both sides.

6. The snooze button addiction
If one of you is a natural early riser, it can be hard to get used to your other half’s insistence on pressing snooze five times each morning. That beep-beep-beep sound will haunt you for the rest of the day!

7. Not making an effort with your partner’s friends
This is a hard one to work through as it takes a lot of compromise. Much as the two of you might get along, that doesn’t mean he has to click with your friends, too. Even if they’ll never be besties, it’s important to make an effort all the same.

8. Excessive farting
Usually from his side, we hope! Whether he cracks one out loudly while you’re eating dinner, or unleashes a Dutch Oven on you in bed, there’s no escaping the fact that men seem to adore their own farts. Grin and bear it – at least he wants to share!