Eight highly stressful thoughts every Tinder user has had!

Ah, Tinder. We’re never sure if we love it or absolutely despise it. Sure, it offers singles a whole new market for finding potential dates, but sometimes it’s all just way too much bother.

What if that guy you just swiped left for could actually have been the love of your life? We can’t be dealing with that kind of pressure every time we use it!

Here are some of the thoughts that run through every Tinder user’s head at one time or another…

1. I need to look good in my profile picture. But not TOO good.
Creating your Tinder profile is an extremely stressful process. “Do I go with this HILARIOUS night out picture where I look like a fun-loving gal even though my make-up’s a mess? Or do I go with this standard selfie where I look kinda pretty but very dull? Maybe I’ll just put a picture of myself looking pensive on a beach to show I’m totally above this whole online dating thing.” So many choices.

2. I have to write a blurb? Oh nooooo.
“A quote? A witty one-liner? Some facts about myself? Oh god, this is impossible. I’ll just leave it blank, that way I’ll seem aloof and mysterious.”

3. I have no matches yet. I give up. I’m going to be an old cat lady.
It always takes a while for your profile to pop up on other people’s radars. That waiting period where you have no matches whatsoever despite going totally overboard with your right-swipes is hellish. But just give it time!

4. Oh, this guy has a picture of him and his ex-girlfriend. Charming.
Nothing screams “I’m on the rebound!” more than a profile picture showing someone cozying up to their ex. Yes, ok sir, it’s proof that you are capable of love. Well done you.

5. Uh-oh. A group picture. What are the odds he’s the one hot guy?
Lads love to choose a group shot as their profile snap, to show how “up for the craic” they are. Problem is, it’s impossible to tell who’s who – especially if all of his pics are in groups. If he can’t be bothered to take one solo pic, he’s probably not worth the effort.

Sometimes the stars align and that hottie you swiped right for clearly felt the same about you. Rejoice! Now comes the choice – wait around until he messages or send him one yourself. Our opinion? It’s online dating. What have you got to lose? He’ll probably love the fact you made the first move!

7. We’re going on a date. Is it going to be super awkward?
Even though you’ve seen a few pictures of your match, meeting someone from Tinder is essentially like going on a blind date. Rather than messaging for weeks on end, try to get out there and actually meet as soon as possible. That way you can get to know each other in person! Sure, the first few minutes will be a tad awkward and you’ll probably trip over your words saying hello to him. But who cares?

8. What if we fall in love? Do I have to tell my granny we met on Tinder?
Even though practically every second person is using it, there’s still a little bit of a stigma about being a Tinder couple. You can either mutter incoherently about “meeting on a night out” whenever someone asks or you can hold your head high and tell the truth!