Did Justin’s mom just call Kendall a “homewrecker”?


It has been rumoured that Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette has branded Kendall Jenner a homewrecker.

While it’s true the pop star’s mom did tweet about a homewrecker, there is nothing to suggest she was talking about Kendall, but it seems that’s what people are assuming.

Pattie tweeted: “I know you love him. I know you need love. But… #DontBeAHomeWrecker.”

The tweet comes after Justin was spotted having dinner with Kendall in Paris during fashion week after which Selena flew home early and sent out tweets that alluded to another break-up between the two.

We're sure Pattie knows better than to get involved in her son's torrid love life, perhaps she was just watching a particularly gripping episode of Fair City.