Cringe new video shows Justin Bieber using Disney chat-up lines!


We are cringing so hard for Justin Bieber right now.

While being a Disney fan is nothing to be ashamed of (spoken like the die-hard Disney fans that we are), using a children’s movie as part of your pick-up technique is a pretty epic fail.

And that’s exactly what the Baby singer has been caught doing!

A video has emerged of the newly-single star stopping his car to chat to a pretty brunette that walks by. Justin – who so gentlemanly hangs out of his car window to get this girl’s details – goes on to reference Aladdin in an effort to impress her.

“You look like Princess Jasmine,” he says to the girl, who actually seems pretty pleased with herself.

We’re not sure if that line would work on us.

No doubt this latest footage will not be welcomed by Justin’s on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez. The couple reportedly split last month after Justin was spotted enjoying a fancy lunch date with reality star and model Kendall Jenner.

While he seems to have been successful in this instance, we think Justin’s flirting technique could definitely do with a little work!