Monica quizzed Phoebe on Friends trivia, and we have so many FEELS

While we know every little detail about our favourite sitcoms, we're always a little stunned when the people who actually starred in them struggle to remember past storylines or gags.

Thankfully, it looks like the good folk behind one of the biggest sitcoms of our generation ensured their cast members kept on top of things when it came to the show's trivia, and two of them went and proved it this week.

Appearing on the Celebrity Name Game, Courteney Cox tested her former co-star Lisa Kudrow on her Friends trivia, and that girl nailed it.

While the questions weren't exactly difficult – Where did they drink coffee?! Puh-lease! – the two gals gave us serious nostalgic feels about our favourite New Yorkers who shut the door on apartment 20 for the final time back in 2004.

Reunion show, anyone?