90’s Supermodels reuniting for a secret project


Naomi Campbell has revealed that some of the 90’s supermodels are reuniting for an upcoming project.

Talking on CBS This Morning, Naomi only had great things to say about her time with the girls: “I came up with a group of ladies and I don’t think you’ll ever get that group of ladies together again.”

Ever the modest lady, Naomi.

Continuing on about how there will never be a group of models like the 90’s supermodels ever again, ever…ever, she says: “You’ll get one here, one there, one there, but on a whole, you’ll never get it again.”

Naomi also teased: “We’re working with each other in a few weeks as it happens.”

Naomi’s lips were (surprisingly) shut about the whole affair but she did add: “In a very nice, sunny, warm place on water.”

We want to know more!