6 types of guys you’ll date before you find “The One”

You may find 'The One' straight away (lucky you!) or, like so many of us, you will have to endure the following charmers before you meet Prince Charming himself!

1. The Bad Boy
Every girl loves a bad boy. Is it the thrill of the chase or the just the danger he exudes. Does he smoke, does he drink, does he walk around with that “I don’t care attitude”…whatever it is it can be an eye opener for certain girls. Do you become a full on Bonnie and Clyde or nip it in the bud for something a bit more stable?


2. The Unfaithful
Everybody has been cheated on and it's never a nice feeling. OK, well maybe not everyone gets cheated on, but a lot do sadly! It’s usually not long before he becomes ‘unfaithfully departed’ and the relationship hits a ‘rest in peace’ kind of thing! Live and learn but don’t let it make you bitter. There are good guys too.


3. The Looker
Oh gawd….he's a model! You spend the entire relationship wondering how you bagged him before you realise there's no actual chemistry there. 


4. The Figment of your Imagination
Whether its a special someone made out different elements of celebrities, guys you’ve been with or Disney princes you watched as a girl, this guy will never exist. It’s your perfect guy…but the one you will never have. Unfortunately.

5. The Sexaholic
The sex is brilliant, but there’s no emotional connection. But it’s still the best sex you’ve ever had…this will usually filter out into the fact that one of you wants something more. You will gauge all future sex life from this relationship, even though for one of you it may not have been a relationship, more a convenient understanding.

6. The Nearly There
It's love – no doubt about that. But for some reason or another it doesn't last. 

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