5 common mistakes women usually make with men

Although every relationship is unique, some of the issues a couple encounters are pretty universal and a lot of the times, it’s because us women tend to get ahead of ourselves – sorry but it’s true!

Here are the 5 common mistakes women make with men:

We pursue

Don’t ever chase a man. If he wants you, he’ll chase you. If he doesn’t chase you, it means he doesn’t want you.

We’re too fast

Give him a little bit at a time.The slower things go at the beginning, the less likely he will distance himself later.

We live in a fairytale

If you’re waiting for a knight in shining armour to sweep you off your feet then you need to wake up – that only happens in movies.

We try to change them

The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Either take him as he is or just forget him and move on.

We make excuses for them

Never believe someone who tells you they’re too busy. If he wants you, he’ll make it happen. If not, he’ll make excuses.