11 signs you’re head-over-heels in love with that guy

If you say yes to the majority of these, we hate to tell you…you're totally in love!

1. You cant stop thinking about them
And fantasising about what it would be like if you lived with them as you make yourself a cup of tea. 

2. You’ve forgotten your ex
You hear you and your ex’s song and suddenly you realise you haven’t thought about them in weeks. Hallelujah.

3. Everything relates to them
Oh that’s their favourite coffee shop, better pick one up… Oh look, their favourite band is playing, I should get tickets… Oh there’s that person they despise, better go get my shovel.


4. You like their quirks
That little clicking sound that comes deep within their flem cave when they sleep… Gosh that’s cute.

5. You enjoy doing mundane things, because you’re doing it with them
Ikea furniture building? Pass me the Allen key you old sailor you.


6. You find yourself smiling to yourself when you think about them
You know you look like a complete muppet and you don’t even care

7. You don’t notice the opposite sex (as much…)
Your friends point out the hot guy who just walked into the bar and all you have to say is ‘meh’


8. You feel comfortable with them
Clipping your toenails in their face, that’s love.


9. You don’t feel like going out (as much…)
You just don’t see the point in drinking to debauchery levels when you’ll just want to go home for pizza and snuggles at 1.30am


10. You feel like planning for the future
Not marriage yet – but you’re open to discussing Easter holidays.

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11. You clicked this link… so you must be at least in the love neighbourhood
Love is knocking my friend.

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