10 ways Irish guys show they really like you


Does that guy like you? As in, like you like you? There's a few ways to find out…

1. He Slags You Mercilessly
To a degree, of course. But generally, if an Irish lad fancies you he will slag your clothes, call you names and comment on everything you say, this is just how Irish lads flirt. Lucky us. 


2. He Talks About You To His Mates
If you introduce yourself to his mate and they already know who you are then that’s a big sign that he’s been blabbing about you to his friends. In there.


3. His Best Friend Nudges Him When He Sees You
Guys love embarrassing each other, so if you walk into the room and you see his best mate nudging him and laughing, it translates into “There’s your one you’re in love with.”


4. He Calls You Late At Night For The Chats
It’s coming up to bed time and he calls you to talk about your day or whatever, then this is a  huge indication that he both wants to talk to you outside of social hours and thinks of you when he’s in bed. 


5. He’ll Try Prove His Manliness
Whether it’s being able to carry twelve tents from the entrance of Electric Picnic to the site or simply carrying a box of beer from the off license, he will stubbornly refuse help from anyone else in your company in order to show his strength as a man.

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6. He Treats You Differently From The Rest Of His Girl-Friends/Other Ladies
It’s important to observe this carefully. You don’t want to mistake him fancying you for him considering you a really good friend. If he like likes you, then he’ll generally focus his attention on you in a group. Also, notice if his body is turned to you for a extended amount of time.


7. He’ll Wear A Shirt
Dress to impress. This is how most Irish lads will try to show you that he wants you to find him physically attractive and receive credit for dressing up. Say you like his shirt, it’ll make his night.


8. He’s Not Really Interested In Anyone Else
You notice that he hasn’t been texting anyone or has mentioned anyone else, and if he does it’s to see how you react. Try to notice how much he actually interest he actually invests in other women. If he’d rather grab chips with you at the end of the night than go home with a randomer at the club, then he definitely like likes you.


9. He Doesn’t Mind Sharing His Food
This is a big one. No lad likes sharing his food, so if he offers you his last chicken ball, he must really like you.


10. He Always Offers To Help You
Whether it’s just carrying your heavy bag or full on washing your dog, if the extent is too big it means he’s probably desperate for your love.


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