10 reasons cats are better than boyfriends


1. Cats don’t judge you when you reach for the sixth chocolate. Ok fine, the ninth.

2. You’ll never have to wax or shave for your cat.

3. They’ll never complain that you’re too warm to cuddle.

4. Your cat doesn’t know the difference between your fluffy pink dressing gown and a sexy red dress.

5. Your cat will watch the entire SATC boxset TWICE and never complain.

6. You’ll never have an awful drunken fight with your cat. And if you do, you’ll lose.

7. You’ll never have to impress your cat with fancy meals.

8. Your cat won’t notice your sexy underwear – big knickers all the way!

9. Your cat won’t eat all of your favourite cereal.

10. Girlfriends won’t care that your cat is sitting in the corner staring at them for hours on movie night.