Bridget Jones moments every woman has experienced

There is nobody quite like Bridget Jones. She represents most women in some way or another, and we can all relate to her. Whether it be single Bridget, married Bridget, heartbroken Bridget or mortified Bridget, we’ve all been there.

1. Showing up to an event either incredibly under-dressed or over-dressed (by accident)


The embarrassment.

2. Rambling away in the presence of beautiful men


Only ours wasn’t Mark Darcy.

3. Feeling the pressure from society to be in a relationship through the medium of your own mother


Always helpful.

4. Resorting to the hermit lifestyle, avoiding all responsibilities and eating nothing but crap



5. Try too hard to look amazing for a date and turn out looking like some sort of bizarre pigeon lady


Not worth being late for.

6. Falling for the whimsically intelligent, fun loving bellend.


Happens to the best of us.

7. Having your attempt at being a Domestic Goddess go absolutely arse-ways


Blue soup om nom!

8. Finding mental refuge and strength in the company of your father

They always take our side no matter what.

9. Having two beautiful men fight over you


Lol jk.

10. Either way it’s either a feast or a famine


We all have our good and our bad Tinder days.

11. When we do get some we try to hide the effects of the Relationship Diet


Why did we eat all those burritos?

12. Having a massive pair of comfy granny knickers


Okay, fine. Five pairs.

13. Being the ONLY single one of your friends


Ice-Cream, don’t you leave me too!

14. And having the fact rubbed in your face


Ah, Saturday nights.

15. The revelation that you are a strong, single and independent woman with no desire or need for a man whatsoever


Those Destiny Child girlos would be proud.

16. Seeking self-improvement


Everyday is a fresh start to becoming a better person.

17. Finding that you actually love that guy you hate


But…no. How can this be?

18. Turning down that total d*** who has been messing you around for years and feeling so damn proud about it


You go girl!

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