Worrying truth behind Mel B’s hospitalisation revealed

Viewers and fans were left worried during the recent final of The X Factor, when Mel B failed to make the Saturday night show after being hospitalised for an unexplained reason.

The singer returned to air for the Sunday night final but kept quiet about what had happened. Now though, it's been revealed that Mel's hospital trip was apparently due to an accidental overdose.

The star reportedly reacted badly to a dangerous combination of alcohol and tranquillisers, and was admitted to hospital as a result.

The revelation comes after a difficult week for Mel, during which she reportedly walked out on her husband Stephen Belafonte after a fraught few weeks.

There was some speculation about domestic abuse, though Stephen took to Twitter to angrily deny this allegation.

A source close to Mel said that she had been struggling to cope with the pressure of moving back to London, but that the accidental overdose was not a suicide attempt. The singer "mixed tranquilizers, including Xanax, with alcohol," the insider told Radar Online.

"It was absolutely accidental, and not intentional. She wasn’t suicidal, but the pressure of being back in London brought a lot of unresolved issues to the surface concerning being estranged from mother, Andrea [Faustini, Mel's X Factor finalist], and the rest of her family," said the source.

Stephen has reportedly flown to Los Angeles with the couple's 3-year-old daughter Madison, while Mel remains in the UK.