Whelan’s release update on tickets for Ed Sheeran’s intimate gig

Whelan’s have finally updated all of Ed Sheeran’s eager fans on the ticket process for his intimate gig that is being held at the venue in Dublin on 24th January.

It was not known if the venue, which holds 400 people, would be selling tickets to the public but by the looks of things, they will be – yay! The venue posted the following on their Facebook page last night:

“Ed Sheeran Update:
Apologies to all on the lack of information. We are still finalising ticketing arrangements. We can say that there will be at least 24 hours notice before the process begins. Hoping to have a definitive announcement tomorrow… We would ask that you don't message,email or phone for updates. We will post them as soon as we have them…”

So there you have it…we will just have to wait! Stay tuned to the Whelan’s social media channels and website to make sure you know you have 24 hours to get ready.

Let’s face it, trying to get our hands on these tickets is going to require some mental preparedness…