What type of couple are you?


1. The whirlwind romance
Moving in together after two weeks, engaged after four weeks; everyone questions it but when you know, you know … right?

2. The fighting couple
Shouting in public, cursing, that vase incident; your friends ask why you don’t just break up but you know love is passionate and that’s exactly what your relationship is. Just don’t let it go too far.

3. The made-for-each-other couple
Finishing each other’s sentences, knowing your other half’s favourite type of cheese and that they hate orange Smarties. Your friends count you as one person and you’ve been together longer than anyone can remember. Just don’t lose your own identity, all good things can come to an end unfortunately.

4. The PDA overload couple
Dirty looks are always being thrown your way, old people tut and kids laugh and point, but you probably don’t even notice because you’re too busy shifting the face off your fella. And why wouldn’t you, he’s lovely.

5. The can’t-get-it-together couple
You had a very happy four months together before he had to move to Australia (he had his visa before you met) and when he came back you were off travelling Asia with the girls. Don’t worry, if it’s meant to be, it will be.