What to do when you like someone you shouldn’t

Whether he has a girlfriend, a wife or is going out with your best friend, you can’t help but think he is lovely.

Here are some tips to ensure things don’t go too far. You don’t want to jeopardize something far more important  – your integrity.

1. Don’t look into it too much
Attraction is a part of life – acting on it isn’t. Think about how many people you have been attracted to in the past and how many people you have actually loved. There is a big difference and attraction passes.

2. Don’t play into his game
Some men cheat and have no problem with it, same goes for many women. Just because it is OK with him to cheat on his other half with you is absolutely no reason for you to allow yourself become the “other woman”.

3. Don’t allow bad behaviour
A knowing glance or a cheeky brush of his hand shouldn’t be tolerated. Nip it in the bud and act in way you feel is appropriate. If you need to, take him aside and let him know firmly you will not be a part of whatever it is he is trying to do. Obviously be sure he is not just a touchy feely person anyway before you do this!

4. Allow yourself to like him
Don’t beat yourself up about it. Figure out what it is about him that you find so attractive and use it to find your next catch.

5. Don’t get into any bad situation
If the married guy and you are the last to leave a party and have been fighting off the sexual tension all night, things might go wrong. Get out of there when everybody else does. Drink and sexual tension are usually not a good mix.

6. Never meet alone
If it is outside of your regular social circle, don’t do it. Even if it is just a coffee, it looks bad.