WATCH: Ruairi ‘the frostbit boy’ is BACK in an amazing new interview

Ruairi McSorley became an internet sensation after he was interviewed in January during a particularly cold morning in his native Derry.

His line: “You wouldn’t be long getting frostbit” was repeated up and down the country (and further afield) for months after his TV appearance. Now, he is back and better than ever.

It seems that Ruairi has relocated to Connemara to study media and Irish. To nobody’s surprise, he had been told many times that a career in media would be in his future.

Naturally, he’s decided to make a go of it, and with his latest interview as Gaeilge we foresee a bright future.

As for the local scene in Co. Galway; the “sean-nos” dancing is not exactly his favourite way to spend a Saturday night.

However, he does say “is maith liom an jiving”. Please, someone consider an entire series of videos of Ruair’s jiving adventures. It is the reality series we desperately need.

Does he have any plans if a career in media doesn’t work out?

“There’ll be turf to cut somewhere.”

If you needed a reminder of Ruairi's first media appearance: