Tyga fears for his child after Chyna’s DRUG possession arrest


After Blac Chyna's very public arrest last week, Tyga is concerned about his 3-year-old son, King.

Blac was arrested for being drunk in public as well as possessing ecstasy tablets in Austin, so now Tyga wants to tighten his custody arrangement, reports TMZ.

Sources close to Tyga tell the website that he's alarmed about Chyna and is worried her connection with drugs and alcohol might be putting their son, King, at risk. 

The rapper has already filed legal docs to change the custody arrangement, and he feels that he is now the more responsible parent.

In the files, he asks for King to be in his custody during the week, allowing Blac to visitation on weekends.

TMZ also reports that Kylie Jenner's beau is cool with Rob Kardashian playing father figure with his child and has no fear about being replaced.

So, is Kylie Jenner going to become the new mother figure? Only time will tell.