‘Not my drugs!’: Blac Chyna says she was framed for Austin arrest

After her infamous arrest last week, Blac Chyna has admitted to being drunk at the Austin International Airport, but according to TMZ, pills were found in the model's luggage which she is claiming weren't hers.

The police found two pills with designs on them in her sunglasses case and a field test revealed that it was MDMA.

Sources close to Blac say she has no idea how the pills ended up in her case and she didn't even pack her own bags for the trip to London.

She also claims that her usual assistants were not with her, and a "different person packed for her," which is leading to her framed theory, reports the website.

It was also claimed that Chyna is bewildered about the drugs because the type of pills that were found are uncommon. She says that nobody has used that type of ecstasy for years, and favours the powered form instead.

The model also alleges that she would have no idea how to get access to that type of drug and she plans on using the "it's not my drug" defence if she's charged with possession. 

Ah, Chyna, what have you got yourself into.