Top 10 biggest turn-offs in a guy


1. Too much body hair
No, no, no. What IS that peeping out of your shirt? NO!

use this one2. The smoker/drug user
Smokey breath? No thanks. Acting like drugs are the coolest thing on earth while dancing like maniac? Double no thanks.


3. The one in a relationship with his abs
He’s obsessed with himself, and the gym.. all he talks about is working out! Oh hey Mr.Abercrombie and Fitch.. did you buy you top in the children’s section so your muscles would try to escape out the sleeves? #weknow


4. No aspirations in life
So he’s left school/college, has no job, and has no intentions of getting one either.. This guy is more than happy to sign on each month, and get paid to drive around in his Passat, creeping 17 year olds. He doesn’t have a plan in life, or hasn’t set any goals.


5. Dirty Runners
Where will you get in looking like that? We’re not waiting outside with you #thatsforsure


6. The show off
No one likes a show off, so be modest and charming and you will win the race.


7. Poor Hygiene
This is vital. Smelly breath/underarms and anything else you may need to address is detrimental to how far you will get with us ladies.


8. The Gas Man
Okay so if we’ve been with you for like, 2 years, it may be something we need to live with. But on the second date? Seriously? It was one of those silent killers too…


9. Irresponsible
Grow. Up. Clean your house, pay your rent and your bills like a grown up.


10. The Beauty Queen
Oh, you take longer to get ready than we do? *closes door*


via our content creator CT