Tis the season to be grilled about your relationship!


What is it about Christmas and relationships? You and your significant other can sail merrily through the rest of the year completely unaware of other people’s impression of the two of you, but come the festive season it’s like everyone in your life suffers from verbal diarrhoea and just can’t wait to share their thoughts on your relationship.

If you’re not being grilled by nosy aunts and uncles at the annual turkey sandwich buffet, you find yourself interrogated by friends who've enjoyed few too many festive vodkas.

Here are just some issues you and him face before the first bauble is even hung from the tree.

1. Your mother panics that you might dessert the family on the big day and have dinner with his parents.

You’re forced to talk her down off the ledge and admit that you haven’t been invited to his place on Christmas Day, something that didn’t bother you… until now.

2. His mother panics that she should have invited you to join them for the family dinner, Stephen's Day charades and the New Year's family trip.

He's forced to talk her down off the ledge. Sure, we only have five chairs. She’d have to sit on dad’s step ladder and…she does have her own family.

3. Your father panics when it looks like your boyfriend will be staying the night at some point over the holidays.

I don’t care what you get up to outside of this house, but that young lad will be plenty comfortable on the couch tonight.

4. You panic when people keep checking your ring finger on Stephen’s Day and then look unnecessarily sympathetic when they hear you got a juicer and not a sparkler.

What! The only ring I want right now is the chocolate covered biscuit one from that goddamn tin.

5. He panics when he realises that New Year’s proposals are apparently even more anticipated than Christmas Day proposals.

What! She wants a ring doughnut more than she wants a ring from me at the moment, I swear to God.

Roll on January when we can all get back to normal, right?!