Tips on how not to lead him on

So you know he likes you, you don’t like him in that way but he is a nice guy – oh the conundrum.

Be sure to protect his feelings and don’t lead him on.

1. No meeting alone
If you know he wants something with you then don’t give him hope by meeting him alone.

2. Don’t be overly friendly
No need to constantly text, call, Viber or WhatsApp him because he might think you’ve changed your mind.

3. Be honest
If he makes a blatant move just be honest and tell him you don’t feel that way about him.

4. Don’t slip
It can be flattering and almost seductive that someone is attracted to you and you know you have the power so be careful and don’t make any moves you will regret later.

5. Treat him the same
Don’t treat him any different than you would your girlfriends – after all, would you pat your girl’s bum? OK maybe, but in this case don’t!