Tinder plans to create a new ‘moments’ feature!

Everyone seems to be on Tinder these days including some famous faces but the now the hit dating app looks set to be even more addictive, thanks to its new “moments” feature.

The new feature is supposed to have a similar function to that of the hit picture app, Snapchat.

The “moments” feature allows you to take or upload a photo and then broadcast it to all of your matches at once. If a match swipes right on your moment, the two of you can begin chatting.

But like Snapchat the Tinder “moments” only lasts for a limited amount of time, 24 hours to be exact.

Tinder CEO, Sean Rad, said it was another great way to “get to know” people.

“You can see who is interested in you based on liking content. And people love using Tinder for the joy of swiping, so we wanted to use the same experience to help people get to know each other.”

Well we think that depends on what type of moments people have in mind when it comes to sharing on Tinder though.