Singer is called a ‘fatty’ on Twitter and her response is the best


Demi Lovato has had her fair share of online haters and trolls to deal with, and it seems she now has it down to a fine art if this latest tweet is anything to go by!

The singer was attacked in a cruel message on Twitter that read: “shut up fatty don’t choke on ur mcdonalds.” While we can imagine this sort of awful message would definitely get us down, if not put us off Twitter altogether, it seems Demi knows exactly how to deal with this sort of bullying.

Without batting an eyelid, she quickly retorted with a very witty message of her own: “But…. Big Macs….” We love it! The singer accompanied her perfect response with the ‘praise’ emoji, because like us, she knows just how important Big Macs are! 

The taunt came across as particularly cruel given that Demi has always been very honest and open about her struggles with eating disorders in the past. In 2010, Demi entered rehab for these struggles as well as substance abuse issues.

Hopefully this will show the troll and all of the others out there that Demi doesn’t take anything they say seriously or let it get to her and we love her for that! What a great role model for the younger generations!