Fitness guru reveals the reality behind before and after photos

Don't get us wrong, most before and after fitness transformation photos are the result of months or years of hard work.

The images show the participants' commitment to the gym and dedication to honing their body in a certain way, and the motivation snaps completely saturate most fitness social media feeds.

However, one fitness guru has taken it upon herself to make us think twice about before and after shots with an interesting snap of her own. 

The Fashion Fitness Foodie took to Instagram to share this snap with her 55,000 followers, to prove that before and after snaps are not always as they seem. 

'What does this image honestly do for you? I took it over a week ago with the intention of posting a tensing vs 'pushing out' reality check,' she captioned the image.⠀ ⠀

'However shortly after I made it, I…suddenly realised how incredibly demotivating it could be for the body positivity movement,' she said, recognising how important it is to be body pos. 

'You see although my intentions were good (and correct me if I’m wrong), I’m aware that my body shape is probably not very diverse.'

'So I question how inspiring it would be to self-depreciate or patronise you by showing you my 'love handles’ or ‘rolls’.'

'I think the body positivity movement is about being inclusive of ALL bodies but the majority of these kind of images/physique updates I see on social media are generally slim girls like myself,' she finished. 

Her post sparked a massive debate in the comments section, with fitness fans contributing their thoughts about before and after shots and body positivity.

'No person today is immune to the feelings of inadequacy, comparison, and body shaming that is so pervasive in our culture,' said one. 

'You can be too skinny, too fat, too tall, too short, too square, too broad, etc. the list goes on.'

'Body positivity is about loving where you naturally are – about being comfortable enough to show what you actually look like.'

Hear, hear!