Things to remember when solving arguments with friends

There is nothing worse than the feeling of arguing with a friend. It does happen in most friendships from time to time, but it can usually be easily fixed, depending on the situation. Here are important things to consider when you want to solve a fight with your soul sister and partner in crime. 

Try talking it out
If you want to fix your friendship, don't be stubborn. Try talking it out and be the bigger person.

Try to see things from their point of view
Let them talk and listen to why they are hurt. You may not fully understand it but you have to try.

Don't back stab them
Don't start talking about them behind their back. You're emotional and vulnerable now, but as things cool off you'll regret ever opening your mouth.

Stay off social media
Don't share your current dislike of your friend with the world. This will hurt them further, annoy other people and is not a nice thing to do anyway.

Forgive and forget
Don't bring up past arguments or let this little argument affect your relationship for the next seven years. Learn to let go.

Know when to walk away
If you feel that in general the relationship is toxic, know when enough is enough and be strong enough to walk away and form new friendships.