The world’s best tattoo you are likely to ever see


While sitting in the Pirate Bar in Honduras four years ago, Bill Passman become hypnotised by the tattoo of an outline of the world on the back of a girl.

Jules (the girl with the tatt) was planning on putting a red dot on all the places she visited. Passman had been thinking about getting a “travel” tattoo ever since he had visited Thailand – he couldn’t pick up a shot glass from every country, no?

After finding out that the girl got her tattoo done by Mike at Tattoo Antigua in Guatemala the 54-year-old decided that he was only artist that would do a good job, so off he went.

However, rather than simply dotting the map with the places he had visited he decided that he was going to go one step further and colour in each one.

So far the map has 60 nations filled in and it is without a doubt the world’s best tattoo.

When his journey started:




60 countries later: