The struggle is real for laid back people


Some people just seem to coast through life without a breeze and are too laid back for their own good.

They don’t worry much about things and just let it happen. There are some downsides to that, because things don’t always end up going the way you had planned.

Here are the struggles every laid back person has to deal with:

1. People think you’re lazy
There is a fine line between being laid back and being lazy. If you’re laid back you just don’t stress about things as much. You still get things done, but you have your own way of doing things. If you’re lazy, you struggle to get things done and will try everything you can to avoid doing what you have to.

2. You wish you could care about drama
When someone tells you a secret about someone you don’t really react, you just say “whatever”. You don’t even act surprised. Most of the time you couldn’t care about who did what and where. For once you would actually wish you could care about it, but you're just not concerned about that kind of thing.

3. You are always the last one to get ready
If you’re going out with your friends, you’re always the last one to get ready. You wait until the last minute to get out of your sweatpants and into your proper clothes. A lot of the time you rush to get ready and end up being late when you could have easily been on time.

4. People think you’re a pushover
If you’re laid back it doesn’t mean you’re a pushover, you can still have strong beliefs and values. You might not stress about it a lot, but if someone tries to challenge you and what you stand for you won’t back down.

5. You shy away from confrontation
You might not be a pushover, but you do your best to stay away from confrontation. You might get mad and then realise that it’s not worth it and just leave it, while others might actually go through with it.

6. High energy people freak you out
You don’t get people who are super hyper and you just wish they would chill for a minute. They have so much energy and you don’t really know how to deal with them. They start to give you a headache any time they are around.

7. You’re  actually worried that you don’t stress out enough
You’re so laid back that it’s gotten to the point where you worried that you don’t stress out when things happen. Nothing phases you and no matter what happens, you never get stressed. You think there is something wrong with you because you never stress out when things go sour.

8. You know you could give more effort, but you decide not to
At best you give at 70%, the rest of the time it’s just over 50%. You know that if you applied yourself that you could actually do a better job, but slacking has become such a routine that you don’t know any other way.

9. Your greatest struggle is getting up in the morning
You wake up at the right time and all, but for some reason you just lie there and your mind wanders. Next thing you knows 20 minutes have past and you still need to have a shower and get dressed. It really takes every fibre of your being to get out of bed and wash.

10. Your so laid back, that people think that you’re always stoned
You're just relaxed, man…

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