The Rock’s daughter used his head as a drumkit, and we’re all melting


There's The Rock… and then there's Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock is an uber bad-ass who works out 20 hours a day while Dwayne Johnson is a complete and utter softie.

And it looks like the latter took to Instagram last night if a recent post on The Rock's page is anything to go by.

Sharing the sweetest video of himself and his nine-month-old daughter, Jasmine, playing their favourite game, Dwayne wrote: "Finally my big head is used for more than just a place to hang my hat."

"The joys of being home w/ my ohana and playin' one of our fav games – slap daddy's head 'til I can see his big scary face," he continued. (sic)

"Song playing in the background is "O Tiare" (Justin Young). A song I started singing to her every day since she was one week old."

"Samoan lyrics are beautiful, "Ia alofa le Atua, ma tausi ia te 'oe…" which translates to "may God take loving care of you," the actor told followers.

Finishing the post, which clocked up a staggering 4.9 million views, Dwayne joked: "I must now go do something very manly and bad ass to counterbalance this post."

Acknowledging Dwayne's parting words, one of the star's followers wrote: "Aww our children makes even the manliest toughest guys into mush. Fatherhood, the best ride of our lives."

Excuse us while we watch this over and over.