The 9 most annoying things our boyfriends say

We love them…but jaysus they'd wreck your head sometimes. 

Here's the most annoying things our lovely boyfriends come out with:

1. “I don’t mind what we have for dinner”
Oh, but he does.  

2. “Are you ready yet?”
What is this fascination to be half an hour early for everything?!

3. “Oh…I didn’t realise you were going out tonight”
Despite the fact you told him at LEAST two weeks ago. Cue big bottom lip and puppy eyes.

4. “I don’t mind what we watch”
Turn on Carrie and the gals and he'll soon tell you what he actually wants to watch.

5. *Sniffle* “I think I have the flu”
Pack your bags and leave for at least two weeks. Men sick are the WORST. 

6. “She’s not THAT hot”
He says as you pass frickin' Miranda Kerr…nice gesture but come on!

7. “It’s your turn to clean the bathroom/kitchen/bedroom”
Because of that one time he did it, ignoring the dozens of times you had previously! It took him about seven hours too. 

8. “Let’s get pizza”
An hour after you tell him it's high-time you both started eating healthily. You still get pizza – obviously. 

9. “Oh…is that your new dress? Why does it have all them things hangin’ off of it?”
It's FRINGED you dope.