The 5 worst types of sex you’ll have in life


So previously we looked at the best types of sex you will have in your lifetime

Unfortunately, it won't all be amazing, whether you have one partner or many in your life, bad sex will be encountered. 

1. Drunk Sex

You think it was great at the time until you wake up, unsatisfied and with a note slipped under the door asking you to quietly shut the f*** up. 

2. First Time Sex

No, we don't mean first time sex with your new beau, we mean first time sex ever. Nightmare. 

3. Quiet, Awkward Sex

In films there’s loud breathing, panting, Barry White and a thunder storm. In your bed there’s the sound of squeaking flesh and a silence so dense you could swim through it. You’re actually pretty sure that you can hear your next door neighbour's cat killing its next prey. There goes a fire alarm in the next street. Oh and their knee just clicked. It’s actually so damn awkward that you’re secretly kind of hoping someone's phone rings, if only to break the silence.

4. Sex With No Benefits

All give and no receive makes us unhappy women. Not to mention frustrated. 

5. Sympathy Sex

Of course none of us have ever slept with someone purely out of sympathy. Of course not, that’d be a totally terrible reason for sleeping with someone, after all. Whether they had a bad day in work, discovered that they had insufficient funds or failed to get into their favourite jeans, sometimes the only way to ensure that they’re feeling better, is to have sex with them. It's a sacrifice, like a white lie of sorts. "Of course I want to shimmy in my sexy underwear instead of getting into my dressing gown and watching True Detective while eating Frosties from the box."

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