The 18 things that Irish people always complain about


Irish people love complaining. It’s a fact. Here are some of our favourite things to get mad about:

1. The weather forecast
“Ah sure, they said it was going to be sunny and I got lashed on, would they ever make up their mind”. The Irish have a really bad relationship with weather forecasters. Unless they bring good news of course.

tumblr_m8kbsqUdtp1qb9fuc2. The bus
Where do you start with the bus?! They are either always late or always early and take the most ridiculous route imaginable. It is also the most unsociable environment ever, and on a warm day it feels like a sauna where everyone’s body odour sort of mushes into one.

lolwejust3. Politicians
It doesn’t matter who is in office, we will always complain about how they’re ruining the country, even in good times. Our Taoiseach could be Dustin the Turkey, sure it would be funny for a few weeks, but after that we would complain about how we voted in a Turkey.

enda44. Yanks
They all think that they’re Irish in someway and us Irish are sick of them saying: “Top of the morning to you” and “St.Pattys Days.” They think we’re leprechauns and that we all have ginger hair.

irish5. Bono
Ireland is divided on Bono. Half the country love him, the other half are jealous he doesn’t have to pay taxes.

tumblr_lzrrycfql11r4gei2o1_4006. The Eurovision
“Ah sure, they’re only voting for each other for God’s sake, we only have the Brits.” We have won it 7 times and we’re still complaining about The Eurovision. Ireland doesn’t do wacky, so we throw everything at them: ginger twins, blonde twins, a turkey… Anything!

tumblr_inline_n5bewuGeSR1qiihm67. Louis Walsh
We all wonder the same thing when comes it comes to Louis Walsh – how on earth he got on TV. In all fairness, for someone who looks like a failed fashion stylist he did pretty well for himself.

5c8d511a55d4fa584cf9ad4ddb0095c8548a91d60b7e6fe85083894bd593941e8. Ryan Tubridy
People young and old across the country have a united hatred for The Late Late Show presenter. “Ah no I don’t like him, sure look at him, he is so skinny that has to be unhealthy”. We still haven’t fully gotten over the loss of Ireland’s sweetheart Gay Byrne.

323694619. The Referee
Anytime there is a GAA match on we will always have a reason to complain. We complain when the ref keeps giving frees and then when he lets everything go. “Jaysus, they’re not a bunch as pansies, it isn’t soccer” or “Come one Ref!! he was pulling his shirt for feck sake”. We can never quite make up our mind.

00037f4a-64210.  The Kilkenny Hurling team
“Sure, they win it every year for god sake”. Everyone around the country rejoiced last years when someone other than Kilkenny won the Mcarthy Cup. Clare were heroes  for a month when they toppled Kilkenny.

2788719311. Eamon Dunphy
The world cup started yesterday and we will all be complaining about Eamon Dunphy’s analysis  of the game. We all love to hate him … but now and again he is actually right.

eamon-dunphy-on-the-tinwhistle12. Traveling abroad
Us Irish are used to travelling, generations have emigrated far and wide to greener pastures. No matter how many times we travel though, we always leave things to the last minute.  Booking our flights, packing, boarding pass and then we forget we left the stove on at home.

sure-fuck-it-twill-be-grand13. “Your Man”
Your know your man? He’s after cheating on his wife, awful all together it is”. Irish people always complain about “your man” and what he has been up to. Even though we don’t have a clue who you’re talking about, we have to act like we know.

tumblr_mcrx5uzFZ31r78caoo1_25014. The Late Late Show
No matter what is on the show, there is always something we can find to complain about. We know about how many letters RTE get when Tommy Tiernan comes on the show.

lls2-630x37415. A bad pint
When someone pours a bad pint they might as well start all over again. There is nothing worse than when a pint is rushed and the head is wrong. You say to the barman that it’s grand, but inside you’re raging.

GOTaRP416. Weak tea
The Irish take their tea very seriously, it is in some ways a fine art. When you ask someone else to make you a cup and they don’t make it the way you like, we look at them as if to say “What it is this sh**!!

o72g8p617. Bouncers
We take not being allowed into a club way too seriously, even though it’s their job.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-28357-1354222435-418. The fear
Every Irish person experiences this on a weekly basis, waking up after a night out and not having a clue what happened the night before. Piecing the night together in your head and then you remember ... SH**!!


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