The 15 different friends every woman has in her life

Some of them we love, some of them we love to hate. Either way, things get crazy with this lot around!

1.  Your BFF
You guys hang out constantly and Snapchat each other when in need of a bitching sesh. This is the girl you go to when you feel awful and she won’t necessarily have to say much, but her just being there makes life that much more bearable. This is the type of friend that knows everything about you and everything seems hilarious when you’re with them.

2. The silly girl
That friend that has literally no idea what the hell is happening 24/7. She will just laugh at everything that everyone else laughs at and say she gets it, when she clearly doesn’t. Every entourage needs one of these though!

3. The sports-mad gal
The mate that tweets and Snapchats sports stats and rubbish about sport that we really don’t care about.

4. The “lady”
The girl that has so much grace, class and poise that it is beyond you. The one friend that eats pizza and burgers with a fork and a knife and keeps her heels on all night.

5.  The social butterfly
That one friend that knows absolutely EVERYONE. You simply can’t walk around campus with them, without being stopped and introduced to a group of people you never knew existed. On nights out she will be messaging everyone and round up a massive crowd for pre-drinks, and you probably won’t see her again for the night.

6. The loud-mouth
That friend that does not have an indoor voice and if she sees something funny she will loudly broadcast so. They are the best craic and beyond hilarious but can we please turn it down a notch.

7. Oprah
The friend that assumes she can solve all your problems and, more importantly, points out your problems to you. She lectures you and tries to inspire you, when in reality you would rather the problem remain unsolved than hear her out.

8. The beauty and the brains
We all have that friend that is so stunning but also has the smarts to back it up.

9. The Disney freak
The friend that knows all the Frozen songs off by heart and thinks Olaf is the “cutest thing ever.” They’re in second year of college and are still attached to everything Disney, and still sport Disney t-shirts and merchandise into classes. You gotta love them though!

10. The outcast
That friend that stands out of the group and is totally different from everyone else!

11. The cynical one
That friend that is so cynical and so negative but you can’t help but love them. Their comments about things are simply hilarious and sometimes make no sense at all.

12. The clubs/socs butterfly
The friend that has no time for anybody or anything because they’re so absorbed in some glee club stuff. They are now on the committee of a club/soc and they constantly beg you to bring yourself and friends to their college events, which you say you will but never do.

13. The foodie
The friend that is a beast when it comes to food. Yes, they will pick food up which fell on the floor and claim that it is perfectly edible. They claim there is a “40 second rule.”

14.  The band member
The mate who has become part of  a band which you have no idea about. The band member friend will always invite you to their gigs, but you’ll never show up.

15 . The keep-fit babe
The friend always Instagramming clean meals and healthy meals and posting her workout routine that make us all feel like sh**.

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