Taylor Swift responds to online troll in the best way EVER


Taylor Swift is famous for her close interactions with many of her fans, from inviting them to her home to paying off their student loans; she’s basically the best best friend ever.

Now, Taylor has proved herself once again after she defended one of her fans from a cruel taunt by an online troll.

Lucy Ashton shared a video of herself opening a package from the superstar singer and when someone left the mean and unnecessary comment "UR UGLY TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST", Taylor didn’t delay in replying to the troll, writing: “NO, ANONYMOUS. NO.”

Even when she says so little, she says so much!

Lucy told Buzzfeed that the response by her hero instantly made her cry: “I immediately started crying and contacted all of my friends that I had met through Taylor and Tumblr. There was definitely just lots of crying and smiles that night.”

We just love how Taylor keeps an eye on all of her fans and sticks up for them!