If you've recently got into a relationship, you'll know how much pressure there is for when your new beau's birthday comes around. 

Do you get them a present? A big one or a small one? And should you give them a shoutout on social media? So many questions.

But Gigi Hadid seemed to have it all figured out as she shared a photo on Instagram to celebrate Zayn Malik's birthday. The only thing is, we're kinda confused about what the picture actually is. 

Blurred and fuzzy, we're guessing it's a gold chain with a diamond Z on the end, and we're also guessing that it's hanging from her neck. 

The grainy shot has a time stamp from today, but besides that, it's very cryptic. 

She did manage to add in a cute caption though: the word "ZDAY", followed by a heart emoji. Aww.